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     Lexmark Toner  -  By Model Number
Optra  C Lexmark E460 Toner X560 Series New Lexmark C736 Toner 3900   
Optra K Lexmark E460DN Toner      Optra T 610 New Lemark X736 Toner 3916 Page Printer  
Optra N Lexmark E462 Toner Optra T 612 New Lemark X738 Toner 3935 Page Printer  
Optra SE Lexmark X463 Toner Optra T 614 Lexmark C750, C750DN, C750DTN Toner 4000  
Optra  SC Lexmark X464 Toner Lexmark T630 Toner Lexmark X750 Toner 4019  
Optra Color 40 Lexmark X466 Toner Lexmark T632 Toner Color Lexmark C752 Toner 4028  
Optra Color 45 Color C500 Lexmark T634 Toner Color Lexmark C762 Toner 4029  
InfoPrint 60 Color X500 Lexmark X630 632 634 Toner Lexmark C770DN C772 4037  
Z55 Color X502 Lexmark T640 Toner Color C780 4039  
Z65 Color C510 Lexmark T642 Toner Color C782 X782 Optra 4039  
InfoColor 70 Color C520 Lexmark T644 Toner 792 X792 X792DE 4049  
Lexmark E260 Toner Color C522 Lexmark T650 Toner C792 4059  
Lexmark E260N Toner Color C524 Lexmark T650N Toner XS795DTE Optra S 4059  
Lexmark E260D Toner Color C530 Lexmark T652 Toner XS796 4070  
Lexmark X264 Toner Color C532 Lexmark T652DTN Toner CS796DE 4072  
Optra E310 Toner Color C534 Lexmark T652 Toner CS798DTE 4079  
Lexmark CS310 Toner C540 Lexmark T654N Toner OptraW 810 Toner 4216 Personal Page  
Optra E312 New C543dn Lexmark T654DN Toner Color Lexmark C910 Toner M5155  
Lexmark E360 Toner New X543 Lexmark T654 Toner Color Lexmark C920 Toner 6252  
Lexmark E360D Toner New C544 OptraC 710    Optra Color 1200  6400  
Lexmark E360Dn Toner New C544dn Color C772n OptraS1250   6408  
Lexmark X363 Toner New X544 Color X7722e OptraS 1250N  6412  
Optra M 412 New C546 New Lexmark C734dn Toner Optra SC1275   7000  
  New X546 New Lexmark X734 Toner OptraS1275       7200  
    New Lexmark X738 Toner OptraS1275N     
      Optra  SC 1275N     
      Optra  SC 1275    
      OptraS 1620     
      Optra S 1650    
      3160 InfoPrint 60    
      3800 Page Printer     
      3812 Page Printer    


Free and easy return of spent Lexmark consumables
As a provider of printing solutions and an ongoing stream of consumables, Lexmark has a unique environmental responsibility. Each year, Lexmark produces and distributes millions of supplies for Lexmark printers. Since 1991, Lexmark has recovered and reused or recycled spent toner cartridges.

The result is less solid waste and fewer resources consumed.

Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program includes various methods of return and sponsors unique collection partnerships around the world. Collection programs are always free to the consumer and are designed to be easy to use

Please call 1 800 365-5566 if you have any questions about any Lexmark toner products. If for any reason you cannot find any Lexmark product of if you have any questions . carries a wide variety of Lexmark toners. Lexmark parts and toner may be available which are not displayed on the page.

If you can’t find the Lexmark Toner or any item you are looking for, please feel free to call us at 1-800-365-5566 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST Our friendly customer service agents will be happy to search our extended in-house database and help you with your Lexmark questions and needs. has access to Lexmark toner, Lexmark cartridges, Lexmark fax drums, Lexmark ink. Lexmark brand, both Compatible Lexmark and OEM Lexmark product. Lexmarkgraph Toner and Ink.

All references to Lexmark parts, copier toner cartridges, printer toner cartridges, fax toner cartridges, imaging units, drums and supplies are to help you to find the products and supplies for your Lexmark printer, fax or copier. is in no way affiliated by, endorsed by, sponsored by or in any way the property or responsibility of Lexmark or its affiliates or dealerships.

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About Lexmark Toner Cartridges

Why do people choose Lexmark Cartridges?

There are a lot of reasons. The first and the main one is the technology. When purchasing an OEM Lexmark laser printer and a Lexmark toner cartridge, whether it is Lexmark T652 Toner or New Lexmark X734 Toner cartridges for you can count on great results in printing anything you want. The name of Lexmark on your printing device and guarantees best quality and a great deal of effort expended by Lexmark engineers to make your laser printer function well enough to satisfy the most demanding user.

Lexmark's pioneering technology
Unlike other laser printer manufacturers, Lexmark owns the primary technology in its network laser printers, from the toner formulation inside the laser cartridge to the print management software loaded on the network server. Technology ownership creates a unique feedback loop between Lexmark and its customers, giving the company the ability to respond and innovate faster.

Lexmark pioneered laser printer and toner technology in the 1990s and was the first company to offer 600 x 600 dots per inch monochrome laser printers, 1200 x 1200 dpi monochrome laser printers and a 12 page per minute color laser printer.

Guarantees on Lexmark cartridges
Lexmark guarantees its cartridges and laser printers to be free from any defects in labor or parts.

If you have any problems with your OEM Lexmark toner cartridge or the laser printer itself, Lexmark guarantees it will exchange it for a new one.