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Konica Minolta Toner
112            825L Magicolor 1650 2803 4650 7075   
115  860L Magicolor 1680 3035 4690 7090  
122  865FP Magicolor 1690 3135 4695 7135  
130 1015 1790 3210  5003 7150  
145 1018 1803 3240 5080 7235  
Bizhub C20 1112        2020 3290 5370  7310  
Bizhub180 1120 2028 3302 Magicolor 5430 7410  
Bizhub200 1200  2125  3340 Magicolor 5440 Magicolor 7400  
Bizhub250 1212 2130 4003 Magicolor 5450 Magicolor 7450  
Bizhub300 1216 2203 4003zmr                      Bizhub Pro C5500 7490  
Bizhub350 1290  2223  4045  5503 7510  
Bizhub352 1290re 2230  4065 Magicolor 5550 7728   
Bizhub351 1400W 2290  4090  Magicolor 5570 8010  
BizhubC353 1500 2330  4145 Magicolor 5590 8028  
Bizhub450 1503  2400 4155 Magicolor 5650 9028  
BizhubC451 1590 2430 4255 Magicolor 5670 9615FP  
BizhubC458 1602 2450 4290 Magicolor 5670EN 9635  
BizhubC550 Magicolor 1600 2502 4291  6190 9715  
BizhubC558   2590 4345 6192 9820  
BizhubC650     4355 6290 KL-3015  
BizhubC654       6292  LP3110F  
BizhubC658       Bizhub Pro C6500    
BizhubC754       7033     
800L       7040    
810L       7050    
825FP       7055    




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About Konica Toner

Environmental Technologies

Simitri Toner

Next-generation toner with low environmental impact both in production and in use

Konica Minolta's polymerized toner is called “Simitri toner.” (Polymerization is one method of toner production.) Compared to a conventional pulverized toner, Simitri toner has higher environmental performance. It is a next-generation toner with less environmental impact during both the production process and use by the consumer.

Environmentally Sound Production Technology

Production process of pulverized toner (conventional toner)

In the conventional pulverizing method, as its name suggests, the toner is produced by the creation, then pulverization of a lump of ingredients.

Toner particles are produced when plastic materials are heated to melting point and are then cooled down, hit against a wall and crushed by a strong air current.

Due to the complex production process mentioned above, pulverized toner has low energy efficiency. Moreover, if the particles are pulverized into a size that does not meet the requirements the production yield will deteriorate.

Production process of Simitri toner

On the other hand, in the polymerization method which is used to produce Simitri toner, minute resin particles are combined with color pigments in a chemical reaction to produce toner particles.

Since the toner particles are produced by combining resin particles and color pigments, the polymerization method can produce smaller and more uniformly shaped toner particles as compared with the pulverized method, which uses a crushing process. The polymerization method thus enables us to obtain precise and beautiful image quality.

Simitri toner, which requires no processes from hardening to pulverization, is produced using a simple production process. Additionally, uniformly shaped particles do not need to be inspected for size after production. Accordingly, the energy used for the production process can be substantially reduced.

Compared with the pulverizing method, the polymerization method has achieved an approximate 40% reduction in CO2, which contributes to global warming.

Environmental Technology with Less Impact at Time of Use

Polymerized tonerConventional toner
Reduction of toner consumption due to smaller particles

Fine and uniform toner particles also help reduce environmental impact when used by consumers

Simitri toner, with its fine and uniform particles, is also effective in reducing environmental impact when the toner is used by consumers.

Firstly, the small particle size toner allows for a reduction in toner consumption. If a toner of 8 Ám, which is a standard size for the pulverized toner, is replaced with a Simitri toner of 6 Ám, the toner consumption is reduced by more than 30%.

Secondly, since small and uniform toner particles can be fused to the paper at a low temperature, power consumption during the fusing process will also be reduced.

Configuration of Simitri HD toner

Simitri HD toner that can be fused at a even lower temperature

Konica Minolta has upgraded the Simitri toner to develop the Simitri HD (High Definition) toner.

Simitri HD toner has particles that are soft on the inside, so that they may be melted at a lower temperature, and hard on the outside, which prevents toners from adhering each other and thus produces high quality images.

Simitri HD toner, featuring the “core-shell configuration,” in which toner particles are soft on the inside but hard on the outside, has allowed users to substantially reduce power consumption when they use the product.

Product information

Konica Minolta has expanded the scope of applications of the more environmentally sound Simitri toner (polymerized toner), from black-and-white toners to color toners, adopting the Simitri toner in a range of MFPs and printers. We have also increased the use of the Simitri HD toner, a further upgraded polymerized toner.